Meeting Notes

Date: 6/2/2021

Meeting Notes – June 2, 2021

Attendance: A. Boersma, D. Boersma, D. Bierma, E. Parrish, D. Borg, F. Lane, D. Horine

Treasurer’s Report: $48.00 was paid to renew P.O. Box for a year. Checking account balance as of 6/2/21 is $3,701.47. The savings account balance of 6/2/21 is $5,020.40. We still have CD through National City for $5,000.00 as well.

Frankie Lane and David Horine from Modern Woodmen introduced themselves – F. Lane is a new advisor and local to the area, and she and D. Horine were interested in how they can support the chamber and the community. A. Boersma explained the history of the chamber and what we are currently working on.

Members are continuing to work on details for the 2021 Sandhill Crane Car Show and Festival. D. Bierma and D. Boersma are in contact with someone regarding trophies. E. Parrish has posted information and vendor forms to Facebook and will be sending out vendor forms to previous vendors. Someone has agreed to make chicken and noodles for the festival as have been made in the past. E. Parrish will be contacting local DJs for the festival. The KVHS band is no longer able to commit to helping set up and tear down at festival, so we are looking for another possible group to help.

Regarding power issues for the festival, Ryan Bristol/KRB Utilities donated and installed a new pole. Kevin Moore will be installing a metered panel. The town of Wheatfield has agreed to pay $3,500 towards the cost. This new utility service will allow for larger vendors to have adequate power along Bierma St. during the festival.

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